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HTML Based Presentations

Using our HTML based presentations, we take third party software out of the mix while sharing on a variety of media.

Our presentations are interactive and dynamic.

Slides can be nested inside of each other.

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Basement Level 1

Nested slides are useful for adding additional detail underneath a high level horizontal slide.

Your presentations can be displayed at your event, while placed & viewed online, and on attendee "schwag" like USB drives.

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Basement Level 2

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Check out how we can integrate
chat functions with your audience.

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Attendees could ask questions from their phones...

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Enter some questions - press enter after each one.

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The text you just entered was broadcasted through the internet and displayed right back here. It can be pulled up from any connected device... hundreds or thousands of them... Including screens in the room!

Be sure to check out our Text Broadcaster

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Slide Controller

It is important to have full control over your presentation.

Hit "s" to see the slide notes controller.
Use it to run your presentation from a second monitor.
(this feature is only supported on a computer)


Professional video is the most powerful
way to connect with your audience.

With more than 30 years of broadcast experience,
we can take your event to new levels.

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