Digital Events Solutions is a service provided by Yellow Gal High Definition.  The service aims to help Event Producers make their events more interactive with digital solutions products and services.

Custom Interactive Presentations

Common presentation programs (such as Power Point) are great because they are easy to create and use…  But they have their limitations when it comes to using them at an event.  How many times have you had troubles in the middle of your presentation with a wireless “clicker?”  Or the wrong “codec” on your machine?  It’s not typically easy to share those presentations in a dynamic way either.

DigitalEventsSolutions creates HTML based presentations  for your event.  These allow you to dynamically integrate video, chat, and many other internet driven applications without the hassle of software compatibility.

Our HTML Based presentations work on USBs, web servers, and mobile devices without third party software to run them!

Give our demo a try.

Branded USB’s

Take your event to the next level with our customized interactive USB solutions. We help you increase event attendee engagement with giveaways and videos powered by a branded USB. Don’t settle forgiving away a blank USB in your event bags. Work with us to create an innovative pre-loaded solution that your attendees will find innovative and useful.

We pre-load the USBs to include event-pertinent documents and videos.  Links to your organization’s web site and product or service related  information give your attendees an unforgettable take home experience.  And it’s trackable, so your organization can determine your ROI and user engagement level after the event.


Video Support

Video is the most powerful way to connect to your audience because it is interactive and shareable.  Digital Events Solutions partners with Denver Media Center to provide you with event, live to web and pre-produced video solutions. We have produced events for multiple Regional Emmy Award shows as well as TEDx, Biennial of the Americas, Foundation for Education Excellence and MANY more!!

We can provide anything from easy single camera set ups to sophisticated multi-camera solutions.  We adhere to the highest quality high definition broadcast standards in all cases with state-of-the art broadcast equipment.

Text Broadcaster

A one-of-a-kind solution for events.  Text Broadcaster was designed exclusively by our team.  The system streams text securely to any screen with an internet connection and a web browser.  We can protect the stream with a password if you wish.  Send updates to attendees (on site and/or offsite) with simplicity.  It can be used on phones, tablets, and displayed on any surface with a projector.  As text is sent through Text Broadcaster, it automatically sends it to any connected device.

Receivers can be customized with branding and a video stream window if you wish.  Watch our demo for the full effect!